You buy the doggy door and I can install it for you. . to install it through a solid exterior door. . if you would like it installed through the exterior wall. All work d on time and on budget. I answer all calls and always show up on time. Working in the valley since . Clean reliable and professional.. Please call or -- Thank you. WE ALSO INSTALL SECURITY DOORS AND CEILING FANS keywords dog do...
FREE - G.E. washing machine in good shape.You pick up and You load Posting will be pulled as soon as its goneNeeds a new motor or mode shifter, depending on the code. Should be anywhere from $40 to $80 for either part online.Has a brand new drive belt, along with a spare new belt. Also has the power cord and drain hose. The water pumpdrain pump works.Was working fine until the belt broke, at wh...
Free washer and dryer they dont work the dryer needs a new motor and the washer needs a new washer part that you can purchase online for around 100$ mainly scrap or for parts
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