Am looking to find small plastic outdoor play items like slide etc
Hello, We are looking for antlers that my dog likes to chew on. They can be whole or broken, deer, Elk, steer as long as they are big enough for her to chew she will appreciate them. Thank You
I'm in need for my daughter I need something for her to sleep in eat in and play in. She is 8 months please and thank you.
I am in desperate need of a refrigerator right now. I am moving in to a new place soon and the only thing it does not have is a refrigerator. :-(
I need insulation or styrofoam sheets of any size and thickness to cut to size & use as insulation in my crawlspace between the floor joists. I can pick up. Thanks, keith 468-1987
Needing a DVD player. Hopefully in working condition. Thank u
In need of a couple of decent dressers.
Am looking for a hard plastic baby pool, medium to large size.
I need an ice cream making machine & a vegetable juicer. I canpick up since I go to pueblo and colorado springs weekly. 719-4468-1987 keith
Queen mattress and boxspring needed.
Needing a VCR or 2
Looking for Deer, Elk,etc for my dog to chew on. If you have some antlers laying around and would like to make a dog happy let us know. Even broken ones are chewable
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