Unopened AVON bottles/jars. Any Avon ex-reps or others who may have bottles they want to get rid of.
I'm looking for brick used in old or not-so-old buildings. It's usually in varying shades of red & reddish orange and some have cement stains on them, which is okay. They are about 8" long by about 4" wide by about 2 " thick.
Im desperate for could be laminate,vinyl,carpet anything will help.i got screwed by my contractor. I could trade landscaping rocks if needed.thx
Hello, I hope this finds you well... I am looking for a Stand Mixer in clean, useable (working) condition. I have some little one's who are VERY interested in baking and helping in the kitchen, and I would be excited to surprise them with a mixer! If you have one you no longer want or need, we would be happy to have it! Thank you for your time, we appreciate it! Keep warm and have a wonderful n...
Hello, Hunting is probably over and I am hoping that someone has some deer or elk antlers that you would be willing to part with so my dog would have something to chew on besides my leg. They can be whole or broken, deer, Elk, steer as long as they are big enough for her to chew she (and Me) will appreciate them. Thank You
I realize, that the water color pencils and chalk pastels are a stretch. However, if you have them and aren't using them/don't want them I'll take them off your hands. Dolls= Ever After High, Monster High, barbie, male and female. I'm open to all parts and types/styles, even if they are a bit worse for wear. I'm trying to build up the stuff for doing doll repaints. Doll clothes, shoes, accessor...
Does anyone sell Avon or know someone who does? I would love to take boxes off their hands on a regular basis. I am in desperate need as these are small enough for me to handle and I have a lot of packing and repacking to do - primarily books.
Hi there! I am looking for clean, useable canning jars, canning supplies and a pressure cooker for my little one's who would really love to can some Fruit and vegetables! Thank you for your time, I appreciate it. Stay warm out there!
Looking for working Christmas lights.mine are dead.thank you in advance.
I'm seeking a portable radio of any type I can carry around my work areas. Thanks, keith 719-468-1987
Looking for a car that maybe could be donated for a veteran.
I Need at least 2 gallons of dark exterior paint. I Can pick up. I get to Pueblo & the Springs once or twice weekly.
Am looking to find small plastic outdoor play items like slide etc
Hello, We are looking for antlers that my dog likes to chew on. They can be whole or broken, deer, Elk, steer as long as they are big enough for her to chew she will appreciate them. Thank You
I'm in need for my daughter I need something for her to sleep in eat in and play in. She is 8 months please and thank you.